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Battery vs Pneumatic Tools

How going cordless is changing the manufacturing game

A new generation of industrial manufacturing facilities is moving away from energy-intensive pneumatically driven hand tools in favour of battery powered electric tools. Read this white paper to learn more about how going cordless can increase your assembly line profitability by benefiting from cost-efficiencies, increased safety, compliance, and versatility.

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NB08PT-18 Battery Powered Blind Rivet Nut Tool

Reduce rework in blind rivet nut installations with integrated multi control capabilities.


PB2500 Smart Battery Powered Rivet Tool

Real time data processing monitoring for permanent assemblies. 


SB25PT-05 Battery Powered Speed Fastening Tool

The first battery powered tool for speed fastening in the market that maximizes output.

The new range of Stanley battery powered tools uses DEWALT® lithium-ion batteries meaning that the same battery can operate both a fastening tool and a wide range of other tools, offering flexibility, cost savings, and convenience.

How Battery Powered Tools are Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

The world is changing, and industry is changing along with it. The traditional adherence to pneumatic production tools is loosening as battery technology makes lighter, stronger, and more sophisticated hand tools more cost-efficient and competitive.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn about how leaders across industrial and manufacturing sectors are transitioning to electric hand-held tools to keep up with a dynamic, rapidly-changing industry.