Working SMARTER in Blind Fastening Applications to Improve your Profitability

At STANLEY® Engineered Fastening we understand that reducing reworks caused by poorly installed or missing rivets, minimizing the amount of trailing cables around the factory, obtaining real time process data, and tacking vibration in joint applications are just some of the main challenges you face daily when assembling your products.

We are here to make your job SMARTER. We are introducing the Stanley PB2500 Smart®, our latest cordless blind rivet technology that features easy to use process monitoring to reduce defects and maximize productivity in your assembly processes.

The Stanley PB2500 Smart features:

  • Cordless technology that reduces production time and improves worker safety.
  • Integrated touchscreen that provides class-leading onboard process monitoring capabilities with immediate feedback of installation effectiveness (real time OK/ Not OK notification for each rivet installation).
  • Easy to use, lightweight and portable solution that ensures maximum runtime and charging time thanks to the use of DEWALT® lithium ion batteries.
  • Permanent and vibration-resistant assembly and improved hole-fill and reliable joint performance when used in conjunction with Stanley Engineering Fastening break stem rivets.


The Stanley PB2500 Smart® is an ideal tool for many applications covering a wide range of industries including:

  • Blind fastening for ground transportation applications such as instrument components in buses, coaches, rail.
  • Assembly processes for industrial manufacturing of HAVC and domestic appliances.
  • Solar applications and solar panel to cross bar fastening.