Discover Advanced Speed Fastening Solutions from STANLEY

Speed fastening allows for rapid and reliable assembly of metals, plastics, composites and other components. Advanced speed fastening solutions are vibration and corrosion resistant delivering significant productivity improvements for rapid installations.

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Portable. Fast. Versatile. It’s Speed Fastening like Never Before

STANLEY Engineered Fastening introduces the SB25PT-05, the first-ever battery-powered solution for speed fastening in the market. The SB25PT-05 Battery Powered Speed Fastening Tool delivers significant productivity improvements for rapid installations by enhancing operator mobility enabling them to move easily around large volume applications without the constraints of compressed air lines. The SB25PT-05 minimizes maintenance downtime and improves accessibility to narrower spaces. When coupled with Avdel®️ NeoSpeed®️ fasteners, the system delivers the most versatile solution for permanent, reliable, strong, and vibration-resistant assemblies.

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The SB25PT-05®️ Tool With NeoSpeed®️ Rivets - Speed Fastening System Features:

  • Cordless technology for improved accessibility and mobility.
  • Long barrel allowing accessibility to narrower spaces.
  • Balanced ergonomic design maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Easy to use, lightweight and portable solution that ensures maximum runtime and charging time thanks to the use of DEWALT® lithium ion batteries.
  • Permanent and vibration-resistant assembly featuring improved hole-fill and reliable joint performance when used in conjunction with Avdel® NeoSpeed® fasteners.