Do you want to reduce the levellized cost of energy at your solar field?

Are you spending too much on construction or overbuilding to account for facility inefficiencies?

  • The potential losses in initial construction of solar fields are high and the accuracy of assembly has a huge impact of the overall effectiveness of it
  • As standard practice companies constructing solar fields are over-building capacities by 30% to account for facility inefficiencies

When the heat is on you need a fastening solution you can trust!

With the broadest portfolio of fastening systems in the market let us help you maximize the output efficiency of your solar field

STANLEY Engineered Fastening is the world leader of innovative fastener and tooling solutions

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STANLEY Engineered Fastening helps maximise the output of your solar field through assembly solutions that offer

  • Error-proof fastening
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy visual inspection of joints
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • Tamper and corrosion resistance
  • Fastener rationalisation
  • Better inventory control
  • Fit-and–forget fastening
  • Lower-skilled labour needed to install

Explore the products most suitable for your applications

Fastening Range


The ultimate heavy duty blind fastener offers high shear, clamp and extreme tamper-resistance

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Avinox XT

Highly versatile stainless steel breakstem rivet that suits a vast range of blind fastening applications

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The widest range of multigrip rivets for secure, leak-resistant joints – A2 and A4 stainless steel options

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New generation of structural swaged collar lockbolts – the non-breakstem operation leaves no metal waste

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Unique internal thread form eliminates self-loosening under vibration – available in flanged nuts, wire inserts, clinch nuts and custom fasteners

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Self-Piiercing Rivet (SPR)

The ultimate cost-effective joining technique for pre-coated panels and dissimilar metals – totally tamper-resistant and waterproof

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Setting Tool Range


Highly portable with no cord or hose, this battery tool is ideal for on-site installation of structural blind rivets

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ProSet Series

Compact, ergonomic and lightweight hydro-pneumatic breakstem riveting tool range for rapid assembly

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A hydro-pneumatic tool designed to place lockbolt and breakstem fasteners at high speed

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Fast & efficient hydro-pneumatic handtool for lockbolts is exceptionally rugged for use on-site

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AV Series

Robust and durable hydraulic installation tools designed for high speed installation of larger diameter lockbolts

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Hand Tools

Robust and durable hydraulic installation tools designed for high speed installation of larger diameter lockbolts

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Inventory & Asset Management Systems


A powerful software platform which controls all indirect material data from every source, for one site or multiple facilities, in real time giving you full visibility and control of your inventory and assets

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Controlled by CribMaster software this comprehensive portfolio of industrial vending machines can cost effectively manage a wide range of inventory

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The CribMaster software platform powers a range of hardware that provides positive tool control in industries where accountability for every tool is critical

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Tool Control

The CribMaster software solution drives a range of fully customizable hardware options for orderly tool management, essential for keeping track of tools and efficiently managing inventory

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